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pre-sale service


Understand your requirements

Understand your specific needs, such as screening materials, sizes, screen levels, etc., and record the data parameters for the technician’s reference.


Material testing

We offer material testing options. If you need, we can purchase materials for testing and provide you with complete video and experimental data to ensure you end up with the equipment you need.


Customized & design products

According to your requirements, we will design a customized product plan for you and put it into production after the plan is finalized.


Production and assembly

After confirming the plan, we start to put the material into production and send the customer the relevant photos and videos.


Inspection and testing machine

Before leaving the factory, the equipment must run continuously for 24 hours, and the test of mechanical commissioning is qualified before leaving the factory.


Packing and shipping

Notify customers of shipment information to ensure smooth delivery.

Perfect after-sales system

after-sales services

12 Months Warranty

The whole set of equipment provided by the company has a 12-month warranty and a lifetime free design upgrade program.

Failure caused by non-human causes within the warranty period free of charge, maintenance outside the warranty period at cost price for materials.

Free Installation Guidance

Technicians provide comprehensive technical guidance free of charge so that the purchaser’s personnel can be used independently so that the equipment provided can operate normally and safely.

Technical Service

After you receive the equipment, we will provide you with product manuals, product knowledge, maintenance manuals, maintenance experience, and other complete technical information.

7×24 Hours Rapid Response

If you have any application technical problems with the products, you can contact us at any time by phone or by e-mail. We will give a quick reply by phone or e-mail within 1 hour until we help you solve the problem completely.

Free Lifetime After-Sales Service

Our after-sales personnel will make regular phone calls or e-mail return visits to the equipment for continuous tracking service, including maintenance, maintenance, and repair reminders and guidance.



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