Metal powder is a group of metal particles with a size of less than 1MM. Including a single metal powder, alloy powder, and some refractory compounds with metal properties of the powder, is the main raw material for powder metallurgy. Metal powder is customarily divided into coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, micro-fine powder, and ultra-fine powder at five levels. Metal powders can be used as raw materials for powder metallurgy products or directly applied.

The metallurgical industry metal powder special sieve is a clean, environmentally friendly screening device, it is designed to achieve the full balance of the closed condition, to remove impurities in the metallurgical powder, and for fine grading purposes of a new type of screening equipment.


Metal powder is mainly iron powder, aluminum powder, alloy powder, zinc powder, metal powder, silver powder, copper powder, tungsten powder, molybdenum powder, titanium powder, zirconium oxide and other metal powders and other powders, the consumption of about 2/3 or more of the total metal powder production.

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Industry Standard

  1. Metallurgical powder special sieve inside and outside air pressure balance, with dust collector, dust-free, clean.
  2. Metallurgical powder special sieve components are rolled and molded at one time, modular production, and good airtight performance.
  3. 16 national patent technologies.
  4. Recycle the dust into the dust collector to eliminate material waste.

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