The pharmaceutical-specific vibrating screens produced by Sanyuantang Machinery strictly comply with GMP requirements. Mainly used for screening and filtering various medical materials, such as fine powder, micro powder, dry and wet materials, etc.


Pharmaceutical intermediates, medical excipients, Chinese medicine powders, Chinese medicine liquids, Western medicine powders, Western medicine liquids, etc.


Medicine Powder
Medicine Powder

Medicine powder Screening

The pharmaceutical industry has strict controls on dust when screening powders. Sanyuantang screening equipment has a unique beam ring sealing device, and the motor is encapsulated with copper wire to prevent dust leakage.

Recommend Equipment:

Medicine granules

Medicine Granules Screening

Sanyuantang screening machine can adjust the amplitude and frequency according to the screening requirements so that the dry pellets are not broken, the wet pellets are not deformed, and the particles are separated more thoroughly.

Recommend Equipment:

Medicine Liquid
Medicine Liquid

Medicine Liquid Screening

In the pharmaceutical industry, the production of liquid pharmaceuticals requires rigorous filtration and purification processes to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. The vibrating screens produced by Sanyuantang can handle this process and provide the perfect solution.

Recommend Equipment:

  • Rotary Vibrating Screen
  • Tumbler Screen

Industry Standard

  • The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure that the parts of the equipment in contact with materials are free of impurities and meet strict hygiene standards.
  • Vibrating screen seals are treated with light to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and no dead space.
  • The equipment is cleaned and sterilized with medical alcohol before leaving the factory.


MaterialMeshMethodProcessing Capacity(Kg/h)Model
Medicinal powder
80 mesh
Nucleotide150 meshDry100kgSY-1000-2S
Panax notoginseng powder120 meshWet10000SY-1800-4S
pharmaceutical granules40 meshDry8000SY-1500-4S
Drinking pieces100 meshDry5000SY-1500-3S

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