The ultrasonic vibrating screen is a fine screening machine. It is based on the ordinary rotary vibrating screen, adding a high-frequency and low-amplitude ultrasonic controller to the screen. The ultra-fine powder receives huge ultrasonic acceleration so that the materials on the screen surface always remain suspended, thus suppressing screen-blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, leveling, and wedging.

  • Model: SY-400/600/800/1000/1200/1500/1800 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Mesh Size: 10-635 mesh
  • Layers: 1-3 layers
  • Motor Power: 0.25-3 kw
  • Capacity: 50-800 kg/h
  • Customized: Acceptable

Price: $790 – $2900 /Set


Ultrasonic vibrating screens are widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral processing, food, and other industries that require fine screening and filtration, effectively solving screening problems such as agglomeration, static electricity, strong adsorption, and blocking of mesh holes.

Such as metallurgy powder, electromagnetic materials, metal powder, iron powder, zinc oxide, alumina powder, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, cobalt powder, carborundum, copper, nickel powder, silica powder, titanium oxide, tungsten carbide, tungsten powder, titanium powder, stainless steel powder, etc.

Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Working Principle

Working Principle

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is based on the ordinary round vibrating screen and is equipped with a low-amplitude, high-frequency ultrasonic transducer (vibration head). The transducer converts the high-frequency electricity generated by the 220-volt AC ultrasonic electric control box into high-frequency sinusoidal These oscillation waves are transmitted to the resonator to cause the resonator to resonate, and then the resonator transmits the vibration evenly to the screen surface.

The materials on the screen undergo low-frequency three-dimensional vibration and are superimposed with ultrasonic vibration, which can not only prevent the mesh from being blocked but also improve screening output and accuracy. This solves screening problems such as strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high fineness, high density, and light-specific gravity.

Custom according to your needs

Ultrasonic screening machines are available in a variety of models, and we can customize them according to your specific requirements, such as size, number of layers, screens, outlet, and inlet, including gate type, mobile wheel type, elevated type, and airtight type Formula, etc. Ensuring customers can find the perfect machine for their unique needs.


ModelPower(kW)Effective diameter for sieve surfacePacking Size(MM)Layer
SYC-600- 1S0.25Φ600 mm800×800×6801-5
SYC-800- 1S0.55Φ800mm900×900×7801-5
SYC-1000- 1S0.75Φ970mm1160×1160×8801-5
SYC-1200- 1S1.1Φ1170mm1360×1360×9801-5
SYC-1500- 1S1.5Φ1470mm1850×1850×11301-5

Ultrasonic vibrating screen structures

The ultrasonic sieving machine mainly comprises an ultrasonic transducer, grid, power supply, resonant ring, screen, screen frame, vibration motor, damping spring, base, and other components. We can customize different types of ultrasonic systems and ultrasonic grids according to customer requirements.

  • Grid: The grid structure is equipped with a resonance ring, which converts ultrasonic waves into high-frequency and low-amplitude mechanical waves, and then transmits them to the screen surface.
  • Ultrasonic power: Controls the output power and frequency of ultrasonic waves and can adjust them.
  • Ultrasonic transducer: converts low-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency and low-amplitude ultrasonic waves.
ultrasonic vibrating screen

It can be used in single-layer or multi-layer. A set of intelligent ultrasonic generators uses three transducers at the same time. Can also be mounted to new or existing vibrating screens for easy integration into your production line.


Effectively solves the screening problems of materials that are difficult to screen, such as: high electrostatic, high fineness, strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high density, and light-specific gravity.

Low-amplitude vibration reduces the vibration height of the material, maintains the contact between the material and the screen surface, and reduces the phenomenon of empty materials.

Improve screening efficiency

Ultrasonic vibrating screens use the dual effects of high-frequency vibration and ultrasonic waves to quickly and evenly disperse materials on the screen surface, thereby improving screening efficiency.

Prevent screen clogging

Ultrasonic waves cause the screen to expand and contract instantly, helping materials that are difficult to screen pass through the screen holes and reduce clogging. The screening accuracy is as low as 20μm (#635 mesh).

Increase production

Ultrasonic vibration can make the powder pass through the sieve holes faster, improve the sieve hole penetration efficiency, thereby increasing the screening capacity by 5-10 times.

High-precision screening

This equipment can achieve precise particle size control by adjusting parameters such as amplitude and frequency to meet the screening of materials with different particle size requirements.


Ultrasonic vibrating screen for flour screening
Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for Fine Powder

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Difference between ultrasonic vibrating screen and ordinary rotary vibrating screen

Rotary Vibrating Screen

rotary vibrating screen

Ordinary rotary vibrating screens are suitable for screening and impurity filtering of dry powder within 200 mesh or powder particle slurry within 600 mesh. The screening accuracy is generally around 60%-70%.

ultrasonic vibrating screen

ultrasonic vibrating screen

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is mainly used for screening dry powdery materials within 300 mesh to 600 mesh. It can effectively solve the problem of static electricity, adsorption and easy clumping, light-specific gravity, and sticky materials that are difficult to screen. The screening accuracy can reach above 95. The screening output of an ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is 5-10 times that of an ordinary rotary vibrating screen.

Test Results

Model(mm)Test materialOrdinary Rotary Vibrating ScreenUltrasonic Vibrating Screen
MeshTest ResultsMeshTest Results
SY-1200Silicon carbide500cannot be sieved5001200KG/H
SY-1200Tungsten carbide powder60010 minutes no sifting out fine powder60040KG/H
SY-1200Vitamin C Powder1001.5kg/hour100130-180KG/H
SY-800pollen30010 minutes no sifting out fine powder300About 30% fine powder is sieved in 15 minutes, and finer grading is possible
SY-1200Nickel, Zinc, Cobalt Powder32520kg/hour325400KG/H
SY-1000Emery powder400Cannot be sieved30013000KG/H

China ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Manufacturer and Supplier

Sanyuantang Machinery is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fine powder ultrasonic vibrating screen, with 24 years of rich production experience. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of ultrasonic vibrating screens and are committed to solving screening problems for customers in various industries. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world, providing customers from all walks of life with high-quality products, comprehensive services, and cost-effective screening solutions. With advanced technology and a professional team. Discover our range of reliable and durable ultrasonic vibrating screens today.

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