The rotary vibrating screen is a kind of round screening machine, applicable to the filtration, debris removal, and classification of various materials, such as powder, granules, liquid, and so on. Rotary vibration sieve has a simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, small volume, high screening efficiency, widely used in chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy, ceramics, paper making, electronics, and other industries.

  • Model: SY-600/800/1000/1200/1500/1800 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304/316/Carbon Steel
  • Mesh Size: 5-500 mesh
  • Layers: 1-5 layers
  • Motor Power: 0.25-3 kw
  • Capacity: 100Kg – 3 Tons/hour
  • Customized: Acceptable

Price: $799 – $3999 /Set


  • Food industry
  • Sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder,soya-bean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice.
  • Pollution treatment
  • Waste oil, waste water, dyeing wastewater, auxiliaries, activated carbon, etc.
Rotary Vibrating Screen Working Principle
Rotary Vibrating Screen Working Principle

Working Principle

The rotary vibrating sieve is a motor for a vertical excitation source, the motor and lower eccentric weight are installed at both ends of the motor rotary motion into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three elementary motions, and then the movement passes to the screen surface. Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, the material can change the trajectory of the screen surface.

The powder rotary vibrating sieve machine is fit for dry and wet sieving, classification of powdery, granular, and filamentary materials, and dehydration of materials. If fine sieving is required it can be satisfied by adopting a high-efficiency screen mesh-cleaning device to improve the sieving. For wet sieving, it is especially fit for the separation of sludge (wastewater) and preliminary compression of mixed matter of solid and liquid materials.


The rotary vibrating screen includes several key components: a dust cover, screen frame, screen mesh, mesh frame, mesh clearing device, motor (vibration source), shock-absorbing spring, and base.

  • Dust Cover: Features an inlet and inclined cone, connecting to the screen frame to prevent dust contamination. Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and plastic.
  • Screen Frame: Constructed from rolled and welded steel plate with bearings at both ends and a flange inside for securing the net structure.
  • Vibrating Motor: A vertical motor available in four specifications (2, 4, 6, 8 poles) with speeds of 2870, 1460, 980, and 740 RPM. It can be designed for explosion-proof applications.
  • Mesh Cleaning Device: Made of silicone and rubber to clear clogs in the screen mesh, enhancing output. An ultrasonic cleaning option is available for fine powders up to 635 mesh.
  • Damping Spring: Comprising 12-20 vibration isolation springs, the base is made from welded steel coils. It includes an access door, electrical switch seat, and a ring flange connecting to the vibration body.



ModelLayer (s)Granularity (mm)Sieve MeshEffective Diameter (mm)Power (KW)Capacity(Kg/h)
SY-XZS4001-3<202-500 mesh3800.25100
SY-XZS6001-3<203-500 mesh5800.55200
SY-XZS8001-5<303-500 mesh7800.75500
SY-XZS10001-5<303-500 mesh9701.1800
SY-XZS12001-5<303-500 mesh11701.51200
SY-XZS15001-5<503-500 mesh14702.21500
SY-XZS18001-5<503-500 mesh17703.02000

Custom according to Your Needs

The standard rotary vibrating screen body and material contact part for the selection of 304 stainless steel material, part of the machine base is made of ordinary carbon steel material, according to the user’s requirements of the whole machine made of stainless steel material (stainless steel vibrating screen) and plastic vibrating screen designed for special materials, etc., and also according to the specific needs of screening materials to choose the number of screen mesh layers.

Special Customization

To meet the material screening requirements of special industries, we can also customize the design of inline type (general type), gate type, add edge type vibrating screen, and so on.


Rotary Vibrating Screen for Corn Flour and Rice
Rotary Vibrating Screen in Factory
Liquid Sieving Machine for Kaolin


Small size, lightweight, and easy to move. The direction of the discharge port can be adjusted at will, and thick and fine materials are automatically discharged and can be operated automatically or manually.

The screening precision is high, the screening is as fine as 600 mesh or 0.02mm, and the filtration is as small as 5 microns. Any powder, granule, or slime can be used.

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Classified screening

Classified screening, which can screen one to five layers of mesh, and can perform two to six levels of sorting or filtration at the same time.

screen not easily clogged

The screen is not easily clogged and the powder does not fly. Equipped with a screen cleaning device, it can reduce the blocking of materials during the screening process.

Easy to change the screen

Special grid design (mother-and-child type). The screen lasts a long time. Easy to change the screen. It only takes 3-5 minutes. Easy to operate and easy to clean.

high power Motor

It adopts a flange motor, which has high power, high screening efficiency, and low noise, there is no mechanical action. Easy to maintain.

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A: The models mainly include: SY-600, SY-800, SY-1000, SY-1200, SY-1500, SY-1800 mm, etc. The larger the model, the larger the corresponding screen area and screening output.

A: It is mainly calculated based on the model, configuration, design and other factors the user selects. Under normal circumstances, its price is about $799-$3999.

A: The following factors need to be considered when choosing a suitable rotary vibrating screen model:

Material characteristics: Choose the appropriate screen mesh and screening equipment according to the particle size, specific gravity, humidity, viscosity, and other characteristics of the material to be screened. For example, for fine particle materials, you can choose an ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen, and for coarse particle materials, you can choose a linear rotary vibrating screen.

Capacity requirements: Choose the appropriate model and specification according to the production line capacity and screening efficiency requirements to ensure that the equipment can meet production needs.

Material: If the material has special requirements such as corrosiveness, flammability, and explosiveness, it is necessary to select a rotary vibrating screen model with corresponding materials and explosion-proof design.

Site of use: Consider the size and environmental conditions of the equipment installation site, and select a rotary vibrating screen model with suitable size and configuration.

Economic efficiency: Consider the performance, price, maintenance cost, and other factors of the equipment comprehensively, and select a rotary vibrating screen model with high-cost performance.

Comprehensive consideration of the above factors can help you choose a suitable rotary vibrating screen model to meet production needs and improve production efficiency.

A: When choosing a rotary vibrating screen manufacturer, you can consider the following factors:

Product quality: whether the product meets the standard, whether the plate thickness meets the standard, polishing degree, welding quality, etc.

Technical strength: Choose a manufacturer with a professional technical team and advanced production equipment, which can provide more reliable product quality and technical support.

After-sales service: Understand the manufacturer’s after-sales service system, including product warranty period, maintenance service, accessories supply, etc., to ensure timely support and maintenance during use.

Price and cost-effectiveness: Consider the product price and performance comprehensively, and choose a manufacturer with high cost-effectiveness. Not only the product price, but also the stability and service life of the product should be considered.

Customer feedback: Understand other customers’ evaluation and feedback on the manufacturer. You can obtain relevant information through surrounding customers, social media and other channels.

A: There are mainly three materials: stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel rotary vibrating screen has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and hygiene, and is suitable for food, medicine and other industries with high hygiene requirements.

Carbon steel: Carbon steel rotary vibrating screen has the characteristics of high strength and low cost, and is suitable for screening needs in general industrial fields.

Plastic: Made of polyurethane (polyethylene), it has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and long life, and is suitable for screening granular materials with high wear resistance requirements.

Each material has its own unique characteristics. The selection of the right material depends on the specific characteristics of the screening material, the use environment and production requirements.

A: The main difference between ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen and ordinary rotary vibrating screen is the application of ultrasonic technology. Ordinary rotary vibrating screens use vibrating screens for screening, while ultrasonic rotary vibrating screens add ultrasonic vibration systems to ordinary rotary vibrating screens.

Ultrasonic vibrations make the screen produce high-frequency micro-vibrations, effectively preventing the material from sticking to the screen, improving the screening efficiency, and are particularly suitable for some difficult-to-screen and sticky materials. While improving the screening efficiency, ultrasonic rotary vibrating screens can also reduce the clogging of the screen, improving the screening accuracy and efficienc

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