The quartz sand vibrating screen is a screening equipment widely used in the quartz sand processing industry. It is mainly used to screen quartz sand of different particle sizes to improve its quality and utilization rate. In addition, quartz sand vibrating screens can also be used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, abrasives, and other fields to screen and classify various raw materials.

The capacity of the vibrating sand screen is larger, one machine can be divided into multiple groups and can be used as various machines, doubled output, the dust is not flying, and the amplitude of the vibrating screen is small. Low noise, flexible screening, making screen mesh has a long service life, the screen is easy to change and the operation is simple.

  • Model: FYBS-1536 , FYB-S2040
  • Layer: 1-10 layers
  • Motor Power: 5.5kW/7.5 kW
  • Feature: Large output, high precision, low noise

Price: $14800.0 – 23400.0 / Set

Quartz sand vibrating screen is usually used for screening and classifying non-sticky quartz sand, quartz powder, quartz stone, machine-made sand, artificial sand and other materials with a particle size of 0.074~5mm, a moisture content of less than 7%, and no cohesiveness. This kind of equipment can change the screen surface spacing and inclination angle according to the material particle size and screen penetration probability to achieve flexible adjustment. At the same time, it can screen multiple layers of materials at the same time and separate a variety of quartz sand of different specifications without mixing or bunching.

Vibrating Screen for Silica Sand
Gyratory Sifter for Sand Screening


Quartz sand is an important industrial mineral raw material, non-chemical dangerous goods, widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and fireproof materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, plastics, rubber, abrasives, filter materials, and other industries.

Vibrating Screen For Silica Sand Solution

  • Material: silica sand
  • Material characteristics: Material specific gravity range is 1.7-1.9
  • Customer requirements:
  • Screening plan: 2040 square vibrating screen machine, with mesh numbers of 20, 40, 70, and 110, and the output can reach 10 tons per hour.
  • Location: India

Working Principle

Judging from the direction of rotation, the sand vibrating screen is also called a swing vibrating screen. The vibration force generated by the driving device is an inertial force along the fixed axis, and its direction changes according to certain rules. The essence of the square vibrating screen machine is the reciprocating inertia force formed by the rotation of the eccentric wheel around the fixed axis. According to the vibrating screen machine working principle and structural characteristics, the screen surface is arranged to tilt at a certain angle (the tilt angle is generally 5-8 degrees). After the vibrating screen machine is opened, the screen box makes a reciprocating motion under the action of vibrating screen exciter force.

gyratory sifter
gyratory sifter

The sand vibrating screen box drives the screen surface to shake periodically, causing the materials on the screen surface to make directional jumping motions with the screen box. During this period, materials smaller than the screen hole fall to the lower layer, and materials larger than the screen hole make a jumping motion and are discharged from the coarse-grained outlet. After the rotary screen is started, under the action of the vibrator, the shaking body of the screen machine makes a reciprocating motion under the action of inertial force. The screen box drives the screen surface to shake periodically, causing the materials on the screen surface to make directional jumping motions together with the screen box.


ModelScreen sizeScreening areaScreen inclinationLayersPowerNumber of turnsCase travel
FYBS15361.5*3.5 m4.5-9 m25-81-105.5180-26025-60 mm
FYBS20402.0*4.0 m8-9 m25-81-107.5180-26025-60 mm
Customized sizes available upon request

sand Vibrating Screen details


  1. The vibrating sand screen adopts a multi-layer structure, which is especially suitable for materials that require a multilayer vibrating screen. This structure can effectively improve screening efficiency. It also has an automatic screen cleaning device to avoid material clogging.
  2. The output per unit area can reach 5 times; the separation is accurate to 6 levels, and the screening efficiency is as high as 90%-99%.
  3. Transmitting vibrating screen exciter to the screen surface, the square vibrating screen machine can quickly stratify the materials on the screen surface, thereby improving screening accuracy.
  4. The frequency and amplitude of the vibrating screen machine can be adjusted as needed to adapt to the screening requirements of different materials.
  5. The structure of the sieve machine is relatively simple and easy to maintain. At the same time, the screen mesh adopts a pull-tension type and can be easily replaced.
  6. The square vibrating screen machine is suitable for screening various powdery and granular materials, can also be customized as needed to meet the screening requirements of different industries.
sand vibrating screen machine
sand vibrating screen machine

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We are a professional silica sand vibrating screen manufacturer in China. We have strong technical strength, committed to developing and producing a sand vibrating screen machine. Our company has an experienced technical team that continuously explores innovates and conducts in-depth research on the core technology of sand vibrating screen machines to ensure the advancement and reliability of the products. We focus on combining technology research and development with market demand and continuously launch sand vibrating screen products that meet market demand to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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