Waste Tire Powder Sieve Machine Solutions


In the process of tire industrial production, a large amount of waste and powder will inevitably be generated. These waste powders are mainly composed of rubber, fiber, and steel wire. If they are not treated, they will not only cause environmental pollution, but also waste precious resources. Although the traditional treatment method has achieved reuse through crushing, grinding, and other methods, the impurities and foreign matter in the waste powder have caused considerable troubles for subsequent processing. Implementing a powder sieve machine can help mitigate these issues.


Waste tire powder often contains impurities and foreign matter, which will affect product quality and production efficiency in the subsequent reuse process. How to effectively remove these impurities has become a major challenge in the recycling of waste tires. Using a powder sieve machine can address this challenge effectively.


In order to solve this problem, we recommend customers use a circular tumbler screen as a powder sieve machine for screening and impurity removal. The circular swing screen has become an ideal choice for processing tire waste powder with its unique swinging motion and efficient screening effect.

According to customer needs, the screening solution we provide is a circular swing screen with a diameter of 1600mm and is equipped with screens of different mesh sizes such as 20 mesh, 40 mesh, and 60 mesh. After actual operation, the equipment not only effectively removes impurities and foreign matter in tire waste powder, but also has high screening efficiency and stable output, reaching the requirement of 2 tons/hour.

In actual application, we cooperate with customers to use the circular swing screen with a crusher, mill, and other equipment. First, the tire waste powder is crushed and ground into smaller particles by crusher and mill; then, the circular swing screen is used as a powder sieve machine for screening and impurity removal to effectively remove impurities and foreign matter; finally, the obtained pure rubber powder can be used for the production of other industrial products.


Customer feedback shows that after using the circular tumbler screen as a fine powder sieve machine, the recycling effect of tire waste powder is significantly improved, and product quality and production efficiency are improved. At the same time, the equipment also reduces production costs, reduces environmental pollution, and realizes the effective utilization and sustainable development of resources.


This case demonstrates its efficient and reliable screening and impurity removal capabilities through the application of the circular swing screen as a powder sieve machine in the recycling process of tire waste powder. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the urgent need for resource recycling, we believe that the circular swing screen will be widely used in more fields and make greater contributions to environmental protection and resource recycling.

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