Linear Vibrating Screen for Ceramic Sand Sieving

The linear vibrating screen machine for ceramic sand sieving is a type of screening equipment specifically designed to efficiently screen and classify ceramic sand particles. It can process ceramic sand particles in the range of 0.5mm-32mm and can perform multi-layer screening at the same time.

Ceramic Sand Sieving

Ceramic sand is mainly used in the fields of porcelain making, pottery making, and ceramic bathroom ware, and is used to make films, coatings, and electronic products. Ceramic sand and ceramic powder are different in the manufacturing process and application fields. Screening particle size distribution will have an impact on process manufacturing.

ceramic sand 
ceramic sand 

The ceramic sand linear vibrating screen is also suitable for screening various dry powdery materials with a particle size of 0.074-50mm, moisture content of less than 70%, and no stickiness. The feed particle size is generally less than 10mm. This series of vibrating screens can also be used for filtering and screening liquids. They are mostly used for sewage treatment. They can also be used for screening larger particles of pulverized coal materials. When processing larger materials, the thickness of the screen body needs to be thickened. The motor power needs to be increased, and the punched screen plate needs to be replaced as a screen, etc. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

Linear Vibrating Screen Machine Working Principle

The linear vibrating screen is driven by dual vibrators. When the two vibrators rotate synchronously and in opposite directions, the excitation forces generated by their eccentric blocks cancel each other out in the direction parallel to the motor axis, and in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis Stacked into a resultant force, so the motion trajectory of the screen machine is a straight line.

Linear Vibrating Screen Working Principle

The two motor shafts have an inclination angle relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the excitation force and the material’s own gravity, the material is thrown up on the screen surface and moves forward in a straight line, thereby achieving the purpose of screening and grading the material. Can be used to automate operations in the assembly line.

It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and fully enclosed structure without dust spillage. The maximum screening mesh number is 400 meshes, which can screen out 7 kinds of materials with different particle sizes.

Features of Ceramic Sand Linear Vibrating Screen Machine

  1. The screen hole size ranges from 3/8 inch (10 mm) to 400 mesh (38 microns), and the screening efficiency can reach more than 96%.
  2. Screening areas ranging from 500mm to 1,500mm wide and 1,500 to 4,000mm long are available, allowing a processing capacity of up to 20 tons/hour.
  3. It can be installed and used in single-layer or multi-layer combinations, and 2-7 products of different specifications can be separated at one time.
  4. Fully enclosed structure, all incoming materials are automatically unloaded, and there is no material stored in the machine, making it more suitable for assembly line operations.
  5. The inclination angle of the screen surface is adjustable to balance screening accuracy and output. The inclination angle of the screen surface does not exceed 25°.

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