Tumbler Screener for Ore Mining and Concentrate Processing

Tumbler Screener Project Details

The client is an enterprise specializing in ore mining and concentrate processing in Jiangsu. Due to the problems of low efficiency and easy loss in the particle screening process of its traditional screening equipment, the production capacity cannot meet the market demand and the cost is high. To improve screening efficiency and improve production conditions, the mining company decided to replace the linear sieve with a circular tumbler screener with a mesh size of 18/34/45/50 mesh.

Why Choose the Tumbler Screener

tumbler screener, also known as a tumbler sieve or a tumbler screening machine, is a type of mechanical screening machine used to separate materials based on their particle size and shape. It operates on a unique principle of movement to achieve efficient and effective screening of materials.

Tumbler screeners find applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, mining, plastics, and more. They are particularly useful when precise particle size separation, high capacity, and efficient screening are required.

Tumbler Screener Features

Improve screening efficiency: After introducing the circular swinging screen, the screening speed has been significantly improved, the screening accuracy has been greatly improved, and the particle screening efficiency has been effectively improved.

Reduce production costs: The low maintenance cost and durability of the circular vibrating screen reduce equipment maintenance costs and help reduce production costs.

Increased production capacity: The improvement of screening efficiency has significantly increased production capacity, and the company can meet market demand more quickly.


By introducing circular tumbler screening machines, mining companies have successfully improved particle screening efficiency, reduced production costs, and increased production capacity.