Vietnamese Customer Comes to Accept Gyratory Sifter

On May 17, 2023, a delegation of Vietnamese customers came to our factory to accept our square gyratory sifter. This visit marks an important milestone in our ongoing relationship with the Vietnamese market, highlighting their trust and confidence in our products.

The screening equipment we provide for the customer to screen silica sand is the FYBS-2040-10 square gyratory sifter, which has a unique 3-layer + 3-layer + 3-layer structure. This innovative design provides excellent screening efficiency and versatility, making it a popular choice for a variety of industrial screening.

Before the customer arrived, our team conducted a comprehensive quality inspection test on the machine to ensure that it operated at optimal performance. During the customer acceptance, the Vietnamese customers learned more about the working principle, structure, and detailed overview of how to operate and function the sand vibrating screen. They also observed the operation of the square vibrating screen, noting its low noise performance and efficient screening capacity. The customer expressed satisfaction with the performance of the machine, praising its advanced design and sturdy structure.

This customer visit not only strengthened our commitment to providing high-quality products but also opened up new opportunities for cooperation with the Vietnamese market. We look forward to continuing to work with more silica sand screening customers to integrate the square gyratory sifter into their silica sand production lines and provide excellent service and support. We will continue to be committed to developing silica sand screening solutions that meet the needs of our global customers.

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