5 Ways To Reduce the Noise of Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

The ultrasonic vibrating sieve is composed of a vibrating motor, bottom frame, screen, spring, and related accessories. Due to the structural characteristics of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, it is normal to produce some noise during operation. However, if the noise is too loud in abnormal situations, it will cause great trouble to the production environment and also affect the production quality. So how to reduce the noise to a normal acceptable range? Please continue reading this article, we will introduce 5 ways to reduce noise.

ultrasonic vibrating screen

1. Tighten all parts on the ultrasonic vibrating screen

Tighten all parts on the ultrasonic vibrating screen, especially the screen plate that needs to be replaced frequently, to avoid additional vibration caused by the loosening of individual parts.

2. Motor Plus Soundproof Cover

The screening power source of the ultrasonic vibrating sieve relies on a vibration motor. Adding a soundproof cover outside the vibration motor can isolate the noise generated by the vibrating screen motor and reduce the spread of noise to the outside.

Vibrating motor with upper and lower weights

3. Bearing Increased Damping Treatment

Bearings are important components in ultrasonic vibrating sieves that bear vibration loads. Add damping material, such as rubber or foam plastic, to the bearing seat or bearing cap. These materials have good vibration absorption and sound insulation properties, which can reduce the generation and transmission of vibrating screen noise.

Bearings of ultrasonic vibrating screens

4. Add Rubber Plate

Adding rubber plates to the screen frame, side plates, feed inlet, discharge port and receiving bottom plate of the ultrasonic vibrating screen box to effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side panels and reduce radiated noise.

Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

5. Rubber springs replace steel springs

Rubber springs replace steel springs for small ultrasonic vibrating screens to reduce impact.

Rubber springs

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