Efficient Ultrasonic Sieving Machine for Fine Cannabis Powder


A small cannabis processing company based in California specializes in producing high-quality fine cannabis powder for pharmaceuticals and food additives. To ensure product quality and consistency, the company needs to process approximately 3 pounds of cannabis powder daily and precisely sieve it to 60 microns and 72 microns specifications. Their challenge is to find an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-operate ultrasonic sieving machine to meet strict product standards and production requirements.

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  1. Sieving Precision: Ensuring the cannabis powder is accurately sieved to 60 microns and 72 microns using an vibrating sieving machine.
  2. Production Demand: The vibration sieving machine must efficiently process 3 pounds per day.
  3. Powder Characteristics: The cannabis powder may have certain stickiness and static properties, making it prone to clogging the sieve of the vibration sieving machine.
  4. Ease of Operation: The vibration sieving machine must be easy to operate and maintain, allowing a small team to efficiently manage the production process.


After detailed market research and equipment evaluation, the company chose an ultrasonic sieving machine as the solution. By adding an ultrasonic system to a traditional vibrating screen, the ultrasonic vibrating screen significantly improves sieving efficiency and precision, making it particularly suitable for fine powder sieving needs. Additionally, it effectively resolves material clogging issues by providing excellent cleaning effects for powders prone to static electricity.

Implementation Process

  1. Equipment Selection: A 400mm diameter ultrasonic vibrating screen suitable for small-scale production was chosen, equipped with 60-micron and 72-micron sieves.
  2. Installation and Commissioning: Prior to shipping, the equipment was installed by professional engineers to ensure the correct configuration of the sieve and ultrasonic system. The motor angle was adjusted to 60 degrees to allow for a longer run path of the powder on the sieve surface. Initial tests were conducted to ensure stable operation and the required sieving precision using the ultrasonic sieving machine.
  3. Operation Training: Video tutorials were provided to guide the team in the use and maintenance of the ultrasonic sieving machine, ensuring that they could proficiently operate the equipment and perform regular maintenance.


  1. Efficient Sieving: The ultrasonic vibrating screen successfully achieved fine sieving of the cannabis powder, efficiently processing 3 pounds of powder daily and ensuring the product meets the 60-micron and 72-micron specifications.
  2. Quality Assurance: The sieved cannabis powder exhibited stable quality and uniform particle size, meeting the high standards required for pharmaceuticals and food additives.
  3. Ease of Operation: The ultrasonic sieving machine was easy to operate and maintain, allowing the team to efficiently manage the production process and significantly improve production efficiency.
  4. Reduced Clogging: The ultrasonic system effectively prevented sieve clogging, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Customer Feedback

The company was very satisfied with the performance and effectiveness of the ultrasonic sieving machine The production manager stated, “Since introducing this ultrasonic vibrating screen, our sieving efficiency has significantly improved, and the product quality has reached new heights. The equipment is easy to operate, with low maintenance costs, greatly enhancing our production capacity and market competitiveness.”

Through this successful case, we have demonstrated the excellent performance of the ultrasonic sieving machine in the fine sieving of cannabis powder, providing valuable reference and solutions for other companies with similar needs.

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