Linear Vibrating Sieve Enhances Detergent Powder Production in UAE

A renowned daily chemical company from the UAE has successfully established a factory in Angola, focusing on the production of detergent powder. To ensure high quality and purity of the products, the company puchased three sets of stainless steel linear vibrating sieve, effectively improving production efficiency and product purity.

Project Background

The UAE-based company is well-known for its high-quality cleaning products in the Middle East and African markets. To expand its market share, they decided to establish a production base in resource-rich and high-potential Angola. The establishment of the new factory not only shortens transportation time but also reduces costs, making the products more competitive in the local market.

Introduction of Innovative Screening Technology

To ensure that impurities can be effectively removed during the production process, the company has specially introduced the high-efficiency linear vibrating sieve SYZ-520-2S. This equipment is equipped with 4-mesh and 6-mesh screen designs, capable of handling impurities of different sizes simultaneously. The 4-mesh screen filters out larger impurities, such as undissolved powder particles and foreign objects mixed in during production, while the 6-mesh screen further removes smaller impurities, ensuring the purity of the detergent powder.

Challenges and Solutions in Screening detergent Powder

Challenge: The size of detergent powder particles varies, with some larger particles and very fine powder.
Solution: The linear vibrating sieve uses screens of different mesh sizes (4-mesh and 6-mesh in this project) for multi-layer screening, effectively separating particles of different sizes to ensure uniformity of the final product.

Challenge: The screening process of detergent powder easily generates a large amount of dust, affecting the working environment and possibly the health of operators.
Solution:The linear vibrating sieve is equipped with a dust cover to effectively control dust dispersion. It can also be connected to dust removal equipment to maintain a clean working area.

Challenge: Fine particles in the detergent powder tend to clog the screen, affecting screening efficiency and quality.
Solution: Regular cleaning of the screen and the use of bouncing ball self-cleaning devices can effectively reduce clogging, keeping the screen clear.

Project Results

Since the introduction of this linear vibrating sieve machine, the production efficiency of the Angola factory has increased by about 25%. Production line manager Mr. Rajendiran stated: “The high-efficiency screening capability of this equipment has not only increased our production speed but also significantly improved product quality. Customer feedback has been very positive, and market demand for our products is continuously increasing.”

The high-efficiency linear vibrating sieve introduced by the UAE company in Angola has not only improved the quality and efficiency of detergent powder production but also injected new vitality into the local economy. It is believed that in the future, linear vibrating sieves will bring productivity improvements and market success to more enterprises.

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