Gyratory Screener for Sieving Brown Fused Alumina in India


A leading brown corundum processing company in India was faced with high production demands, requiring 15 tons of material to be processed per hour. They found our silica sand screening equipment – a gyratory screener on Alibaba and wanted to learn more.


According to our understanding, brown corundum can be divided into segment sand, granular sand, micro powder and fine powder according to particle size. The customer mainly processes granular sand, and the commonly used particle sizes are 16 mesh, 24 mesh, 36 mesh, etc., which are mainly used to produce coated and bonded abrasives. The company’s existing screening equipment has problems such as low efficiency, difficulty in replacing the screen, and poor sealing.

Screening Equipment Selection

To seek a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution, the company studied and compared various brown corundum screening solutions. In the end, they chose Sanyuantang’s square gyratory screener because it has significant advantages: large screening capacity, high precision, multi-layer grading design, fully enclosed structure, low noise, and easy screen replacement. These features fully meet their needs.

Gyratory Screener Advantages

  • Large Screening Capacity: The square gyratory screener can double the output, processing 15 tons per hour, which meets the company’s requirements.
  • Multi-Layer Grading Design: Allows precise brown-fused alumina screening within the 1-10mm range, ensuring high product quality.
  • Fully Enclosed Structure: Prevents dust dispersion, addressing the company’s sealing issues.
  • Low Vibration and Noise: Improves the working environment and complies with environmental standards.
  • Flexible Screening and Easy Replacement: Reduces maintenance costs with quick screen replacement, minimizing downtime and labor expenses.
  • Durable Construction: Electrostatic powder coating enhances aesthetics, wear resistance, and rust-proofing, improving equipment stability and lifespan.


Now that this equipment has been put into production, the customer sent us a video of the square shake at the processing site and highly praised the square gyratory screener for solving the problem of brown corundum screening. This square shake equipment helped them increase their output by 3 times, and they plan to continue to order 2 units for production.